Bree’s campaign has evolved over the past few years, specifically reaching those of all ages who want to feel better, be better, and look better. “One step at a time” is what this campaign emphasizes. How many times have you thought to yourself, “Today is the day.  I will change everything about my diet.  I’ll work out, and I’ll lose the weight FINALLY!?” I’m sure you’ve had PLENTY of those days, only to be followed by disappointment when you don’t actually follow through with the plan. That’s why the One Step With Bree™ Campaign was created. 

We must set realistic goals for ourselves. The real issue of failing when trying to become healthier is when we think we can change our lives overnight. Goals don’t work that way. One Step With Bree™ encourages you to make just ONE step a day towards your goal. That is what is so unique about the campaign. Although Bree’s main focus is on health and wellness, the campaign can be utilized when trying to achieve any goal. Perseverance is key to fulfilling your hopes and dreams. Whether that be losing over one-hundred pounds,learning to fight against an eating disorder, landing your dream job, gaining self-confidence, competing in a pageant, earningyour spot on the basketball team, or even dealing with bullies. 

Bree is searching for “One Steppers” to share their motivational stories. She is encouraging others to share their goals, how they stay focused on their goal, and, in return, motivate other “One Steppers.” This is an online community that—through all forms of Bree’s social media—anyone can be a part of. All you have to do is follow one or all of Bree’s social media pages, share your story, and become one step closer to your goal, motivating others in the process. 

This campaign allows everyone to participate in being better versions of themselves and helping others do the same. Bree realized at a young age that she needed to change her life in order to fulfill her hopes and dreams. Each step she took put her on the path to accomplishing her goals. Bree still utilizes the “One Step” method herself. “Every day, I wake up with a new goal: to take a new step that day to better myself, whether it bethrough walking/running another mile, drinking more water, working harder in school, or spending more time with my family.” That’s exactly what this campaign is about. Join the One Step With Bree™ Campaign by sharing your story TODAY!